Lightroom Metadata Explorer 3.0


AAdobe Lightroom® does amazing things with metadata. You can quickly and easily add keywords and find photos with those keywords. You can even find which photos are missing keywords or captions.

However, there are some things you can't do easily - like find all the photos that are missing a copyright notice or title! Important pieces of information if you are uploading photos for stock agencies or your own website. With Lightroom Metadata Explorer you can find these photos and view chart of your data. With Lightroom Metadata Explorer you can also export the metadata to a text file for your own analysis.

On the Charts tab, Lightroom Metadata Explorer will show you several histograms of various data in your Lightroom database including #Photos by Camera, Lens, f-stop, shutter speed, ISO, focal length, and year.

With Lightroom Metadata Explorer you can also export the data to a text file (in xml format or cvs) and then import that data into another program such as Excel.

A few notes to remember.
Lightroom Metadata Explorer only works with Lightroom Version 3.x.

When using Lightroom Metadata Explorer, you can have Lightroom running. However, you may experience delays with Lightroom Metadata Explorer if Lightroom is busy writing metadata to the database. Lightroom Metadata Explorer must wait for Lightroom to finish before it can display data. This is a limitation of the database that Lightroom uses.

Also, Lightroom Metadata Explorer will only show keywords, not their synonyms.

System Requirements
32 or 64-bit Windows
Lightroom 3.x

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